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Anna House Veterinary Clinic
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Anna House Veterinary Clinic
Our Facilities
Vet and nurse consult rooms

We currently have three consultation rooms – two that are used by veterinary surgeons and one that is specifically for consultations with one of our nurses. Our consultation rooms are fully equipped with everything that the veterinary surgeon or nurse needs to examine pets.


The X-ray machine is used to check for fractures, 'foreign bodies' i.e. something that's been swallowed, abnormalities in the heart and lungs, tumours and growths, traumatic injury and foreign bodies. X-rays are also an aid to surgery providing the vets with a black and white depiction of exactly where the problem is. At Anna House, all X-rays can be immediately processed on-site using the automatic processor.


An endoscope – an extendable arm with a lens on the end, linked to a visual display device – is predominantly used to look in the animal's windpipe, oesophagus or stomach and to take biopsies. It can also be used to examine a dog's nose. It enables our vets to be able to see exactly what is going on inside the animal.


Ultrasound scanning facilities provide our vets with an image of what is going on within an animal's body. It enables improved internal diagnostics and is particularly useful for treating heart failure and monitoring pregnancy.

Operating suite

The operation suite is a multi-functional treatment and preparation area. It houses a high level of equipment including an extensive range of general surgical and orthopaedic instruments.

Separate wards

At Anna House, we have separate dog, cat and exotic wards, and in addition, if necessary an isolation unit. The separate wards are really important as it means that cats do not have to put up with recuperating in the same room as dogs, a situation that can be particularly traumatic for cats. In addition exotic birds and pets are also housed in their own dedicated ward.

Blood testing

At Anna House we have our own in-house lab. The blood testing equipment enables the vets and nurses to test blood on-site, which means there is a fast turnaround of the results. The haematology blood machine analyses the blood and the red and white blood cells; the biochemistry blood machine tests different enzymes of different organs in the body and the centrifuge spins the blood and separates it into plasma and red blood cells.